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Hava is a London based Resin Artist. A passionate proponent of mental health and wellbeing,  Hava shares her message of courage, serenity and joy through resin art. 


Hava is inspired by life itself to create art. She uses both the beauty and serenity of nature to inspire her, as well as deep contemplation of  the human condition and experiences.  Having an astute eye for colour,  Hava's colour selection, combined with epoxy resin further accentuates the shades and design. The fluid process of resin further induces a free flowing state for the spectator.

Hava's art style is abstract expressionism, inspired by the works of American painter Jackson Pollock. Pollock’s work is unique in using a free – associative gesture style with paint and inspires the fluidity of Hava's work. Another inspiration for her works is Anselm Keifer, German born mixed media artist and sculptor who uses different textures to express ideas. Hava uses resin and other mediums to express the messages she wishes to convey.

Since 2020, Hava's work has been gaining increasing acclaim for her bold and vibrant art.  Hava's work is gallery represented, by Opulent art gallery, as well as  featured in several magazines, including the Violet Light Magazine for creatives.


Her art is already enjoyed globally, including the UK, USA , France and Israel. She has also been commissioned for bespoke pieces, as seen in the following pages.

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