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Hava works with each client in a way that best suits their needs. She has an eclectic array of products and each project is carefully planned to best suit her client's needs.

Resin art project

Synagogue art

This commissioned art work was completed in October 2022. Unique to this project was working directly on the Aron Kodesh doors (Ark) in the synagogue to create the resin feature. This is now used and enjoyed on a regular basis.

Home design

Client S requested a commissioned wall hanging reflecting different shades of purple colours to match her room decor. After a consultation and creating a sample, the project began to take placed and was completed four weeks later.

Resin art for the home

Serving tray collection

Customers who sought to have practical usage of resin art have enjoyed resin art serving trays. These are also available in several gift shops.

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