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Hava is a London based, contemporary artist whose work is reflective of inner strength, courage and creativity. Hava's work is interwoven with a mindful perspective of inspiring serenity and joy.

"Allow colour, shape and dimension to enter the innermost chambers of your being"


A very warm welcome. Join me in my creative journey, inspiring joy and serenity.

​Hava is inspired by life itself when she creates art. She uses both the beauty and serenity of nature to inspire her, as well

as deep contemplation of  the human condition and experiences. Hava firmly believes that the beauty and process of art enables humans to transform difficult moments, and enables the individual to tap into their core higher self, to allow creativity, joy and serenity to emerge. ​


From navigating a difficult divorce, single motherhood and facing many obstacles in creating the life she wanted, Hava knows challenge, but also knows transformation. ​


Hava's art style is abstract expressionism,  and inspired by the works of American painter Jackson Pollock's  free – associative gesture style. Another inspiration for her works is Anselm Keifer, German born mixed media artist and sculptor who uses different textures to express ideas.













Hava uses epoxy resin, a fluid yet glass like texture, and other mediums to express her ideas. She is mesmerised both with the process of resin art, as well as the magnificent results. When engaged in the fluid process of epoxy resin, there is an element of control, but also an element of letting go to the process, both of which are core to this meaningful process.  She also appreciates the glass like - reflective quality of resin;  spectators can see a reflection of themselves in the art due to its high gloss. Indeed, each viewer brings their own reflections, thoughts and views when looking at the artwork.


Since 2020, Hava's work has been gaining increasing acclaim for her bold and vibrant art.  Hava's work is gallery represented, by Harmer gallery, as well as working alongside art agency Artiq. Her work is featured in several magazines, including the Violet Light Magazine for creatives.​Her art is already enjoyed globally, including the UK, USA , France and Israel. She has also been commissioned for bespoke pieces, as seen in the following pages.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-13 at 01_edited.j

"The beauty and process of art enables humans to transform difficult moments"
Hava Stone

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